Reiki is provided by a certified Jikiden and Usui practitioner.

Choose from 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute in-person sessions or 30 minute distance sessions. Reiki sessions are offered internationally for clients with rates to be determined by individual location.

Starting in 2018, we’ll be offering Reiki retreats to stunning destinations. Raise your vibration, restore and rejuvenate in the world’s most beautiful locations!

Who is Reiki for? 

Reiki can benefit everyone. This means infants through adults, those who are seeking relaxation, those with physical “dis-ease” and those in need of an emotional lift.


It can promote the body’s natural ability to heal chronic and acute ailments like headaches, knee pain, adverse side effects from traditional medicine, post-surgery pain, digestive conditions, and so much more.


It can ease anxiety and depression and increase confidence, leaving you in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind. I often feel an energized relaxation.


Reiki can provide mental clarity.


What can I expect?

First, your practitioner will perform a Byosen scan to feel for areas of energetic variations and toxin buildup. Reiki can be relayed through laying on of hands or with hands inches away from you. You will remain clothed during Reiki sessions.

You will lay on your back on a massage-style table. Then you’ll be offered a blanket, bolster, and eye mask, of which you can choose any or none. Meditation/spa music will be playing softly in the background.

Your practitioner will ask you if there are any specific areas you’d like them to concentrate on and what you’d like to achieve from the session. Some sessions you may wish to talk during the treatment and others you may not. At times, clients fall asleep. You may feel warmth, tingling, and/or sensations that stay in one place or travel. Some people have clairaudient or clairvoyant experiences during this time. Experiences can also vary with each session and individual. Regardless, Reiki can only be a force for good and has been described by a client as “the best natural high”.



30 Minute Resonance Reiki: $50

60 Minute Resonance Reiki: $95

90 Minute Resonance Reiki: $145

30 Minute Distance Reiki: $45


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